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GenZone Client Review: Maria

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About: Maria

Meet Maria, a visionary entrepreneur who took a leap of faith, leaving her home in Canada to carve out a new life in Dubai. Armed with a rich background in marketing and digital media, Maria set out to establish a cutting-edge marketing agency and content creation business, driven by her passion for creativity and innovation.

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Maria’s move to Dubai marked a new chapter, fueled by the city’s dynamic business environment and its reputation as a global hub for innovation. We are super proud to have helped Maria establish her business in Dubai. From navigating the complex business setup landscape to securing the necessary licenses, our expertise ensured a smooth and efficient process. 

With GenZone’s support, Maria was able to focus on what she does best—Marketing & Content Creation, while we handled the logistical challenges of starting a business in Dubai.

Reasons To Start A Business In Dubai

Tax Benefits: No personal income tax, capital gains tax, or wealth tax. This allows businesses to retain more profits.

Strategic Location: Dubai’s location serves as a gateway between the East and West, providing access to markets in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

World-Class Infrastructure: Advanced infrastructure including state-of-the-art transportation, telecommunication, and utilities.

Ease of Doing Business: Simple and efficient procedures for business setup, including streamlined processes in free zones.

Economic Stability: A diversified economy with strong sectors such as tourism, real estate, and financial services, ensuring economic resilience.

Supportive Government Policies: Pro-business regulations, incentives, and initiatives aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and business growth.

Skilled Workforce: Access to a diverse and highly skilled talent pool from around the world, attracted by Dubai’s lifestyle and opportunities.

High Quality of Life: Modern lifestyle with excellent healthcare, education, entertainment, and recreational facilities, attracting expatriates and skilled professionals.

Innovation Hub: Strong focus on innovation and technology with initiatives supporting startups, incubators, and accelerators.

Free Zones: Over 40 free zones offering benefits like 100% foreign ownership, duty-free imports, and simplified business regulations.

Our VIP Business Setup Process

The VIP process is designed to streamline the entire residency visa journey, from registering your company to obtaining your Emirates ID and setting up personal and business bank accounts. 

Here’s a breakdown of the VIP process timeline: 

1. Company Registration (3-5 Business Days)

The initial step involves registering your company in Dubai, a process that typically takes 3 to 5 business days. Remarkably, this part of the process can be completed without your physical presence in the country.

2. E-Visa Application (3-5 Business Days)

Once your company registration is underway, the next phase is initiating your visa application to obtain the pre-authorization employment visa (e-visa). This process can commence at least 2 weeks before your planned arrival in Dubai and is usually completed within 3 to 5 business days. For VIP clients, there’s an option for a 24-hour e-visa issuance.

3. Arrival in Dubai (Saturday or Sunday)

Upon arriving in Dubai, we recommend doing so on a Saturday or Sunday. This allows for seamless processing within the immigration system, demonstrating your presence in the country. Our team will then schedule medical and biometrics appointments for you. 

4. VIP Medical and Biometrics (Monday)

For VIP clients, the medical and biometrics appointments are consolidated into a single day – Monday. With our assistance, you’ll undergo both tests efficiently, and results will be received the same day. 

5. Residency Visa Application (Monday to Wednesday)

Following the successful completion of medical and biometrics tests, we submit the results to apply for your official 2-year residency visa. Typically, this stage takes 3 to 5 days, but with VIP processing, you can expect your residency visa to be issued within 24 hours.

6. Emirates ID Delivery (Thursday or Friday)

Simultaneously with the residency visa issuance, your Emirates ID will be delivered within 2 to 3 business days after completing the medical and biometrics tests. This typically occurs on Thursday or Friday of the same week. 

7. Personal and Business Bank Account Opening

With your residency visa and Emirates ID in hand, the final step involves opening your personal and business bank accounts. Your personal bank account can be opened in one visit, including checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and a multi-currency account. For the corporate business account, we can complete the process virtually within 3 to 7 working days, allowing you to manage it from anywhere in the world.

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