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How Long Do You Have To Live In Dubai For 0% Tax?

As a company committed to empowering businesses, GenZone understands the significance of navigating the complex landscape of taxation. The UAE has emerged as a beacon of opportunity for companies looking to optimize their tax situations.

Let’s explore the strategic steps GenZone recommends for businesses considering a move to the UAE. In this article, we’re going to unravel the intricacies of strategic tax planning, focusing on how businesses can legally reduce their tax burden to zero percent by becoming taxable residents in the UAE.

Reduced Residency Requirement:

One of the significant advantages offered by the UAE is the reduction in residency requirements. Previously set at six months, the UAE has streamlined the process for businesses, now requiring only a minimum of three months (90 days) in the country to qualify as taxable residents. This flexibility allows businesses to allocate resources effectively and explore diverse business opportunities.

Maintaining Visa Validity:

Regardless of the duration your company plans to stay in the country, it’s crucial to ensure visa longevity. The key is to have a representative visit the UAE at least once every six months. This straightforward action prevents the company’s visa from becoming inactive and ensures a seamless business operation.

Options to Meet Residency Criteria:

The UAE offers businesses three options to choose from, and satisfying just one of them is sufficient:

1. Permanent Place of Business: If a business decides to make the UAE its permanent business hub, having a commercial space in the country fulfills this criterion.

2. Employee Presence in the UAE: If a business has employees working in the UAE for the required three months, this serves as another viable option. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses engaged in projects or collaborations within the country.

3. Company Establishment in the UAE: For many businesses, setting up a company in the UAE is a strategic move. If your business chooses this route, having its own company in the UAE satisfies the residency requirement.


In conclusion, the UAE presents a lucrative environment for businesses seeking to optimize their tax strategies. By strategically meeting the residency criteria outlined by GenZone, companies can legally reduce their tax burden to zero percent. The reduced three-month residency requirement, coupled with flexible options, positions the UAE as an attractive destination for businesses pursuing tax efficiency.

For businesses interested in delving deeper into this process and exploring how it could enhance their financial strategy, GenZone offers complimentary consultations. Our team is here to answer any queries you may have and guide your business on the path to tax optimization in the UAE. Remember, strategic tax planning is a vital component of achieving financial success as a business, and GenZone is here to help you every step of the way.

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