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Dubai Mainland

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What is the Mainland?

The Mainland is simply the area in Dubai that lies outside the free zones. Companies based on the mainland can conduct business without limitations across both the UAE and internationally. A Dubai mainland license for approximately 1000 commercial and industrial activities can now be obtained without the requirement of a local sponsor.

Mainland Setup Process

  1. Choose Business Activity
  2. Choose Company Structure
  3. Initial Approval
  4. Company Trade Name Reservation
  5. Get External Approval (If Required)
  6. License Issuance
  7. Immigration Card
  8. Process Visa
  9. Open Company Bank Account

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5 Steps to Business Setup in Dubai

Navigate the path to successful business setup in Dubai with these five essential steps. From legal formalities to licensing, our guide simplifies the process for your entrepreneurial journey.


Seek expert advice to understand Dubai's business regulations and identify the most suitable setup for your venture.

Prepare Documentation

Compile necessary documents, such as business plans and legal paperwork, in accordance with Dubai's requirements.

Business License

Apply for the relevant business license, specifying your business activity, which determines the legal framework you operate under.

Visa Process

Initiate the visa application process for yourself and your employees, adhering to Dubai's immigration regulations.

Bank Account

Open a business bank account to manage financial transactions and establish a local presence for your Dubai-based business.

How much does it cost to open a business in the UAE?

Discover the investment required to launch a business in the UAE. Our breakdown covers registration fees, licenses, and operational expenses, helping you plan your entrepreneurial venture effectively.

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