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Important Things To Know Before Moving To Dubai

Planning to relocate your business to Dubai or set up shop in the UAE? There are crucial details you need to be aware of before taking the plunge. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share key insights that can make your transition smoother and ensure you’re well-prepared for the unique business landscape of the UAE.

If you’re considering the UAE as your next business destination, stay tuned for valuable information, and don’t forget to book a call with us for a free consultation after reading.

Company Bank Account and Residency:

To open a company bank account, residency in the UAE is a prerequisite. Simply completing your company setup won’t suffice. If you plan on receiving payments, securing a residency visa becomes essential. GenZone can guide you through this process during our consultation.


Residency Regulations:

To maintain residency in the UAE, consecutive absences exceeding six months are not allowed. It’s crucial to plan your stays accordingly. Returning for just one day within the six-month period is sufficient to keep your residency valid, offering flexibility for those who travel frequently.


Corporate Tax Implications:

A significant change in the UAE is the introduction of a 9% corporate tax, applicable to Mainland companies. Expectations are that this may extend to Free Zone companies as well. Staying informed and understanding the specifics of corporate tax requirements is crucial for businesses in the UAE.


Weather Considerations:

Dubai experiences extremely hot temperatures, especially during the summer. If planning a shorter stay, it’s advisable to avoid the peak summer months. Consider living in other Emirates with more moderate climates or time your stays during the milder seasons.


Cultural Diversity and Language:

While English is widely spoken, a blend of Arabic adds to the cultural richness of the UAE. Embrace the diverse cultural environment as you embark on your business journey. Dubai is home to a vast expatriate community, contributing to its cosmopolitan atmosphere.


Safety and Security:

Dubai consistently ranks among the top five safest cities globally. Whether you’re a man or woman, the UAE prioritizes safety, with strong law enforcement and a low crime rate.



The UAE offers a unique blend of opportunities for entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, and families alike. If you’re considering the move, GenZone can provide a tailored consultation to assess if the UAE is the right fit for you.

In conclusion, moving your business to the UAE is a transformative journey that requires careful consideration of various factors. GenZone, with its expertise in business setup and consultation, stands ready to assist you in making informed decisions. Book a call with us, and let’s explore the possibilities of setting up your company in the UAE. The opportunities are vast, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way

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