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Is WIO Bank Safe?

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When it comes to opening a bank account in Dubai, especially for clients with Mainland or free zone licenses, one of the most common questions I encounter is about the safety of WIO Bank, a relatively new online bank in the UAE. In this article, we’ll delve into this question and provide a detailed analysis to help you make an informed decision.

Regulation and Approval

First and foremost, let’s address the regulatory aspect. WIO Bank operates under the regulation of the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Central Bank is the primary financial regulatory authority in the UAE, responsible for licensing, governing, and supervising all financial institutions. Therefore, the fact that WIO Bank is approved by the Central Bank adds a significant layer of assurance regarding its legitimacy and compliance with regulatory standards.

Shareholders and Ownership

Another crucial factor in assessing the safety of WIO Bank is its ownership structure. At the helm of WIO Bank is the Abu Dhabi Development Company, also known as ADQ, holding a substantial 65% stake. It’s worth noting that ADQ is wholly owned by the government of Abu Dhabi, one of the wealthiest and most influential entities in the UAE. This government backing instills confidence in the stability and reliability of WIO Bank.

Additionally, EITC (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company), a major cellular provider in Dubai and the UAE, owns 25% of WIO Bank. This partnership further reinforces the bank’s credibility, as it aligns with a reputable player in the telecommunications industry.

Moreover, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), one of the largest and most prominent banks in the UAE, holds a 10% stake in WIO Bank. This strategic partnership not only provides financial support but also lends credibility to WIO Bank through its association with an established banking institution.

Collectively, these shareholders have injected a startup capital of 2.3 billion AED, equivalent to approximately 626 million USD, into WIO Bank. Such substantial investments from reputable entities underscore the financial strength and viability of the bank.

Accessibility and Convenience: Enhancing Banking Experience with WIO

In the realm of online banking, accessibility and convenience play pivotal roles in shaping the overall customer experience. One common concern among potential users of online banks like WIO is the accessibility of traditional banking services, particularly the ability to deposit cash and checks. However, WIO Bank has demonstrated a proactive approach to addressing this concern, ensuring that its customers can enjoy seamless and convenient banking services.

By forging a strategic partnership with First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), one of the leading banking institutions in the UAE, WIO Bank has significantly enhanced the accessibility of its services. Through this collaboration, WIO account holders gain access to FAB’s extensive network of ATMs spread across Dubai and the Emirates. This network comprises hundreds of ATMs strategically located in key areas, ensuring widespread coverage and easy accessibility for customers.

The integration of WIO Bank with FAB’s ATM network serves as a game-changer, particularly for individuals and businesses seeking the convenience of traditional banking services alongside the benefits of online banking. Now, WIO customers can deposit cash and checks into their accounts with ease, leveraging the widespread availability of FAB ATMs.

Whether you’re in the bustling streets of Dubai, the serene landscapes of Abu Dhabi, or any other Emirate across the UAE, you’ll find a FAB ATM within reach, ready to facilitate your banking transactions. This accessibility empowers WIO customers to manage their finances seamlessly, without being constrained by the limitations often associated with online-only banking platforms.

Moreover, the partnership between WIO Bank and FAB underscores a commitment to customer-centricity and innovation. By bridging the gap between online banking and traditional banking services, WIO Bank ensures that its customers can enjoy the best of both worlds. It’s a testament to WIO Bank’s dedication to providing comprehensive solutions that meet the diverse needs of modern-day consumers.

Initiating the WIO Bank Account Setup

To begin the WIO Bank account setup, download the app from the App Store. With separate apps for personal and business accounts, we focus on the latter. The process involves entering personal details, selecting your role in the company, and providing your company name, aligned with your business license.

Business types WIO supports
  • Sole proprietors or individuals with sole authorisation to open and operate a bank account for their company.
  • Businesses with joint authorisation to open and operate a bank account for their company.
  • Freelancers with a freelancer permit issued by a licensing authority.
Business types WIO can’t support
  • General traders with no physical presence
  • Jewelry and bullion trading
  • Money exchanges
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges / trading
  • Unlicensed financial institutions
  • Trusts
  • Auction houses or antiques
  • Gambling establishments
  • Charities and foundations
Monthly account fees
  • The monthly subscription fee will be charged 30 days after opening your account.
  • Start using Saving Spaces on or before March 31, 2024 and earn 3% interest per annum ON THE FIRST 90 DAYS on all Saving Space balances; earn 1% interest per annum thereafter. The interest will be credited to your Saving Space on the first day of the following month.
  • Once you upgrade to Grow plan, you can enjoy its benefits immediately. You’ll be charged AED 249 on your next billing cycle date.
Uploading Essential Company Documents
WIO Bank requires essential documents for verification, including:
  • Your trade license
  • Memorandum of association (MOA) 
  • Proof of address for your business
  • Passport size photograph
Referral Code and Additional Assistance

Use our referral code: C094 while opening your WIO bank account. We can provide you with one-on-one consultation on banking.

Utilizing WIO Bank for Your Business

Empower your team to manage your business: Give your team access to your account while maintaining control of it. 

Automate your admin: Payments made easy. Prepare, send, and collect them through automated invoicing.

Manage expenses with virtual cards: Adios cash management! Give your team access to unlimited virtual cards for your business payments.

Easy, safe and fast payments: Pay easily and securely with your Wio Business cards using Apple Pay.

Expand globally with multi-currency accounts: Send and receive transfers directly in US Dollars, Euros and British Pounds. Plus, enjoy a guaranteed rate of 3.673 when converting UAE Dirhams to US Dollars.


In conclusion, based on the regulatory approval, robust ownership structure, substantial capitalization, and partnership with a leading bank for accessibility, WIO Bank emerges as a safe and reliable option for banking in Dubai. The government backing, combined with investments from reputable entities, instills confidence in the bank’s stability and integrity.

If you’re considering opening a WIO business bank account, rest assured that you’re in good hands. Remember to use the referral code “C094” to access additional support and assistance. With WIO Bank’s commitment to innovation and growth, it’s poised to become a trusted partner for individuals and businesses in the UAE’s dynamic financial landscape.

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